Telework and Telecommunicating




For some people, working from home can seem like a dream opportunity. But they may not realize that this kind of position comes with a great amount of responsibility and challenges. Since these employees are not working in a centralized office, they may have the advantage of having flexible schedules and shorter or no commute, they can have disadvantages when it comes to receiving feedback and being able to communicate with teammates. Through this workshop you should be able to stay motivated in your ‘office’ while still feeling connected to the rest of the team.

Program Details

Module 01: Getting Started
Module 02: Core Skills Required
Module 03: Self-Management (I)
Module 04: Self-Management (II)
Module 05: Time Management (I)
Module 06: Time Management (II)
Module 07: Organizing and Planning (I)
Module 08: Organizing and Planning (II)
Module 09: Communication (I)
Module 10: Communication (II)
Module 11: Additional Challenges
Module 12: Wrapping Up


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