Workplace Violence




Workplace harassment is illegal and destructive to any organization. It is important to treat everyone in the workplace with respect and dignity. Workplace harassment must be identified, discouraged, and prevented in order to keep a hostile work environment from developing. Left unchecked, harassment can escalate into violence. Workplace harassment training is essential to the welfare of all businesses and their employees.

Allowing workplace harassment to continue will cause legal problems while destroying company morale. Many people are uncertain about what constitutes harassment, and they are confused when their actions are pointed out as demeaning. Legally, harassment is any word, gesture, or action that offends people or makes them feel uncomfortable or intimidated. You never know how sensitive people are, so never say or do anything if you are not sure how it will be received.

Program Details

Module 01: Getting Started
Module 02: What Is Workplace Harassment?
Module 03: Identifying the Bully
Module 04: How to Handle Workplace Violence
Module 05: Risk Assessment (I)
Module 06: Risk Assessment (II)
Module 07: Being the Victim
Module 08: Checklist for Employers
Module 09: Interview Process
Module 10: Investigation Process
Module 11: Developing a Workplace Harassment Policy
Module 12: Wrapping Up


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