Green Building with Steel: Guidelines for Builders, Trades, and Inspectors


Environment | Green Building with Steel: Guidelines for Builders, Trades, and Inspectors | MIS-ENVI-07


This 3-hour interactive online course examines Green Building in relation to the use of steel as a primary structural building material, its inherently recyclable nature, and its efficiency of assembly. Particular focus is on Cold-Formed Steel Framing, and what the builder, crafts and inspectors need to know regarding the key elements that make up steel framing, plus techniques to fit plumbing and electrical components.

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Program Details

The Participant will be able to:

Describe how Steel differs from Woods as a building material.
Explain the Green attributes of Steel in construction
Discuss the difference between steel framing and conventional framing
List the basic steel framing components
Recognize how steel framing affects the work of framers, plumbers and electricians
Recognize steel framing tools and their proper application
Use the proper fasteners for the job
Understand proper steel construction methods and details of assembly
Recognize the Plumbing and Electrical considerations in steel framing
Understand the appropriate codes as they pertain to steel framing
This is the second course in the Green Building With Steel series that focuses on the application and technical aspects of Steel Design and Construction.

Material Attributes, Manufacturing, Applications and LEED Ratings
Guidelines for Builders, Trades and Inspectors
Light Gauge Metal Components for Framing
Framing with Steel Studs
Insulation and Waterproofing
Erecting an Engineered Steel House
Commercial Applications

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