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Working safely is a one-day course for people at any level, in any sector, needing a grounding of health and safety.

Course Objective

Course Objective

Through the use of Visual Presentation, PowerPoint, Group Exercises, Group Discussions, Quiz Exercises and completion of formal Assessment:

Program Details

Program Details

Module1 – Introducing Managing Safely

Awareness of safety responsibilities to oneself and others; how to prevent accidents and incidents; understanding the implications of the cost of safety to people and the company.

  • · What is Safety?
  • · What is Loss?
  • · Safety Costs
  • · Safety Consciousness
  • · Roles and Responsibilities of Members of a Safety Team

Module 2 – Accidents and Incidents – Cause, Effects, and Investigation

This module explains how accidents are caused through a chain of events; describes types of loss; and reviews root causes, indirect causes and direct causes.


  • · Accident and Incident – The Definitions
  • · Direct Causes
  • · Indirect Causes
  • · Root Causes

Accident and Incident Investigation Techniques

  • · Purpose
  • · Determining the Facts
  • · Evidence
  • · The Investigation Report

Module 3 – Safety Management Systems and OHSAS standard 18001: 2007

Background to Safety Management Systems; the assessment and control of risks through a systematic approach; and the structure of a typical Safety Management System and how it works. Illustrates the need for planning of work so as to improve safety.

Fire Safety Management

  • · Introduction
  • · The Theory and Science of Fire
  • · Fire Safety Procedures                                                                                                                          · Emergency Response & Evacuation Procedures

Module 4 – Occupational Health and Safety

Safety is not only concerned with injury from ’hardware’ it is also about the effect of the working environment on the human body. This module is designed to give an understanding of the risks to health from noise, vibration, dust, chemicals, and other harmful substances.


  • · Working at Height
  • · Chemical Hazards
  • · Classification of Hazardous Substances
  • Identification of hazardous chemicals
  • Routes of entry of chemicals into the human body
  • · The Skin
  • · The Lungs
  • · Cancer
  • Acute and chronic health hazards
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Control measures
  • Disposal of Chemicals
  • · Occupational Hygiene

Module 5 – Control of Substance Hazardous to Health

This module describes the COSHH regulations; how to assess, control and monitor harmful substances; and the duties and responsibilities of employers and employees.


  • · COSHH Regulations
  • · Substances Hazardous to Health
  • · Aims of COSHH
  • · Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • · Workplace Exposure Limits (WEL)
  • · Permits to Work
  • · Emergencies – Be Prepared

Module6– Risk Assessment

This is a key module in the course as Risk Assessment is fundamental to the successful management of safety. This module covers the identification of hazards; the process of risk assessment leading to preventive and protective measures, including employees’ duties within the process.


Risk Assessment and Process

  •  Hazard Identification
  •  Common Workplace Hazards
  •  Chemicals and Solvents
  •  Electricity
  •  Fire and Emergency Procedures
  •  Manual Handling
  •  Noise and Vibration
  • Vehicles
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Stress
  • Working at Height
  • Temperature and Welfare



How to Find the Right OSHA Safety Training

OSHA safety training requires for health and safety issues at any workplace. However, there are always health and safety risks and danger for all the members at work so it is utmost important to keep them safe within a specific situation their might arise. Our construction safety courses make your workplace a safer one.

Our health and safety training at Dubai, Abu dhabi doha, Qatar, Muscat, Oman helps you and your team to avoid injuries at work and increase positive participation that may derive by all team members. This health and safety course is a great way to meet particular safety requirements and always have competence work force available for your work sites. Our course curriculum includes much upon the legal and statuary responsibilities of an employer to keep their employees working in safe and well equipped work environment. Hence, it is very helpful to minimize the dangers that might be experienced by individuals to operate large commercial vehicles and can greatly reduce the number of injuries and deaths on roads.

We provide extensive guidance on health and safety such as fire safety, food safety and machine & manual handling etc which would be great overall help and awareness at work. Like the fire safety training involves responding to fire alarms, use of fire extinguishers and other means for fighting and ending fire, training classes for fire marshals and all information on the methods which would help to prevent fire.

Also, providing other courses include emergency removal, laboratory safety, electrical safety, tool safety, bio safety etc. So, it majorly depends upon your occupation and the requirements that you can apply for the courses, though basic health and safety training would be mandatory for all employees at large.

Our health and safety training courses in Abu Dhabi enables you for providing full care for any sudden injuries, so as to maintain person stability till medical personnel arrives on the scene. Companies should provide the health and safety training to their employees to have such courses. Our courses also help businesses to increase their productivity by providing safety at workplace all the times. So, employees can greatly focus on their tasks instead of worried about their personal safety. Also, you will get benefit to avoid the financial expenses that you pay as a result of your employees getting sick and injure at work or because of it.

So enroll yourself for OSHA approved OSHA safety course program to gain the correct OSHA certification that is available to you.

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