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English is the official language of more than 40+ countries and is used widely in more than 100 countries.

Learning to communicate in English takes time, effort and self commitment.

We at MISP have developed a simple curriculum and adopted a training program with focus

  • Speaking,
  • Listening,
  • Reading &
  • Writing

Highly trained and engaging English tutors to provide guidance and tricks required to learn the language fast.

Quality course material and a professional learning environment with easier reach and convenient schedules make the program easy to learn.



  • MISP Training an established training institute in UAE with vast experience of teaching certification and exam preparation courses
  • At MISP Training we understand the student requirements and made the process simple
  • REPs of major organization bodies in the world
  • UAE Ministry of Education Accredited center
  • Globally recognized and respected certification
  • Best and experienced instructors with highest success rate
  • Convenient location
  • Training largest students on short and certification programs
  • Authorized training center
  • Get trained by global leaders
  • Four batches in UAE, every month


Program Outline

Program Outline


English Communication Skills (Level 1 – Basic) for 40 Hours

  • Confidence builder
  • Focuses on communicative English
  • Express Yourself
  • Break the Ice
  • Interactions
  • Motivation
  • re-Basic English Course
  • Foundation English Course
  • Speak & Express


  1. Speaking and Listening
    greetings and introductions, explain, in English, where you are from.
    discuss, travel plans, a holiday ,an outing, discuss, food, fashion, your likes and dislikes, everyday routine, make phone calls in English , listen to English language radio broadcasts , communicate with employers in a job interview and many more…………..
  2.  Reading and Writing
    write emails, write formal letters to English-speaking companies, government departments, fill in important forms, read about subjects from English cultures, read and understand important notices and documents in English, such as instructions, rules and regulations, advertisements, invitations, travel brochures, guides and weather forecasts and many more…………..
  3. Grammar and Vocabulary
    vocabulary, occupations, family, time/dates, food/drink, clothes, the body, public places, weather/seasons, music, the academic world, animals, history, geography, transport, technology, describing appearance.
    using articles, using can, can’t to describe ability, using comparative adjectives, the difference between countable and uncountable nouns,
    using demonstrative adjectives, using imperatives, uses of must and have to, the past simple of the verb to be, using possessive adjectives, different question types, including yes/no questions, short answer questions,
    using the present continuous tense, using the present simple with subject pronouns, using there as subject pronoun and many more…………….



MISP Training conducts 4 batches a month in dubai and abu Dhabi

  • Evening Batch:
  • Saturday Batch:
  • Friday batch

Register in your convenient batch and location

Venue details

Venue details

Misp training and consultancy,

office 605, Al reefa plaza, Al fahidi metro station, behind Al fahidi bus stop, Bur dubai, Dubai
Call Us : 04-3863364, 055-5058990, 055-5058900

Office 601, Tourist Club in Abu Dhabi, Near Abu Dhabi mall, 02-4444367






IELTS Courses Doha Qatar – Foremost for IELTS Test Preparation

Ramping up your communication attainments in English is the key to achieve best in your IELTS test. Either you want to go further with your vocational studies or planning for immigration, you have to undergo IELTS test which is a standardized English proficiency test for being eligible to study or to work in a non-native country. To append your own soul processes that improve your English and endure the test, MISP training and consultancy offers worthy adherence tools to help you get ready and achieve more. You will be skilled in all four skills, IELTS reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Preparing for IELTS Academic and General Tests significantly with best guidance available at MISP will direct you successfully through the IELTS test so that you can get the score you aim for.

While preparing for IELTS, you have to deal with high number of vocabularies; we are unambiguously positioned to help you and build confidence, skills as well as the strategies for success. All the modules available in IELTS training Dubai are designed to meet the test requirements and increase your chances of getting the result you need as you will be fully prepared for the world’s leading English proficiency test. After the successful completion of the training, being a non-native speaker you will be easily able to give a detailed assessment of your English language skills.

All the essential tips and tricks to score highest band in your IELTS exams are provided to you that will further helps you to manimize your exam time and tremendous ways for attempting the types of questions where you will score well. While giving your IELTS evaluation tests during your IELTS training Doha Qatar you will be get to know about the complete format and requirements of all four parts of the IELTS test. This will help you realizing your full potential in the IELTS test progress and areas for development. Once you know about your weak areas you will easily be able to overcome it with our highly experienced faculty.

At MISP you will be offered helpful information along with practice tests that improves your potential to study, train or work in English in a better way. So join the industry-leading IELTS courses Doha Qatar for getting ahead in higher education or global migration.

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