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Inflexibility of conventional development methods demanded a new system which was more adaptable to change. Agile development techniques are now being implemented by organizations for its capability for rapid and flexible response to change. Agile techniques stress on a constantly evolving and adaptive development planning and increased customer satisfaction through faster delivery. This course will provide (AEC™) Certified Professionals certification which will make the participants flexible to blend in and add to the team-power, and to supplement the group with his/her knowledge to choose the Agile method that fits the scenario.



The question that our alumnus had before they completed their course with us and got placed in high ranks! Here is why:

  1. MISP Training is a REP of PMI and has been approved to issue (PDUs) Professional Development Units
  2. UAE Ministry of Education Accredited center
  3. Globally recognized and respected certification
  4. Best and experienced instructors with highest success rate
  5. Convenient location
  6. Training largest students on short and certification programs
  7. Authorized training center
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Program Outline

Program Outline

Introduction, Examination details

Module 1: Mastering Complexity and Changes in Projects, Economy, and Society

Module 2:How Project Manager-Project Owner Interaction- Influence of Risk Management

Module 3:Managerial Complexity in Project-Based Operations

Module 4:Beyond Traditional Project Management

Module 5:The Logical Framework Approach

Module 6:Exploring PMOs

Module 7:Lagomizing, Organic Integration, and Systems Emergency Wards

Module 8: Working With Team Morale

Module 09: Project Managers’ Leadership Competencies

Module 10: Project Planning Styles

Module 11: Governance: Project Management in the Public Sector

Module 12: New Product Development

Module 13: Multipartner Projects

Module 14: Project Portfolios

Module 15: Project Management and High-Value Projects

Module 16: Competence of Project Leaders: A Case Study

Sample Questions review and exam preparation




This course does not insist on any other certification as a prerequisite, but a SCRUM master certification or Project Management certification is an advantage.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

• Build your proficiency in Agile methodology, Project Management, and senior management job roles.
• Increase your efficiency and achieve the credit for successful projects.
• Credible certification from some of the most renowned institutes and accrediting bodies in the world.
• Discussions on regional and global Project Management projects.
• Group exercises that promote team work.
• Training in all modules with industry specific case studies
• Extra assistance for slow learners.
• Earn Professional development units (PDUs from PMI)
• Our testimonial section speaks better.

Exam Content and details

Exam Content and details

Agile Expert Certified (AEC™) professionals will need to earn 40 re-certification credits every 2 years to maintain the validity of their certification. This will include:

  • Multiple Choice
  • 100 questions per exam
  • One mark awarded for every right answer
  • No negative marks for wrong answers
  • 120 minutes duration
  • Proctored online exam.
Certification Prerequisites Target Audience Cost Of Exam Maintaining Certification(RCUs)
Experience Education
AEC™ 3 years Preferably SDC™ (or) Project management professional Anyone on a Scrum team USD 550 40 Re-certification units every 2 years

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• Friday batch for 2 days
• Saturday batch for 2 days



MISP Training is a REP of PMI and has been approved to issue (PDUs) Professional Development Units












Disclaimer:  PMP® is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute , Inc..


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Join Agile Expert Training and Certification for a Successful Career!

For greater team performance and advanced efficiency, Agile Expert Training and Certification is essentially a 3 days training as it is based on the concept of project planning and completion. This certification includes various methods for effective software development and project management that are based on creating mutual, cross-operational and self-organized teams. There are number of conventional techniques involved in this program that is focused on producing better results. See below points how the unique approaches and methodologies offered by MISP for Agile Expert Training will help you:

  1. You earn 21 PDUs for attending this course from PMI
  2. It will prepare you to respond speedily to the changing needs of customers.
  3. It will guide you to reduce business risks.
  4. It will help you to eliminating the uncertainty that may cause by changing market forces.
  5. It will direct you to raise business ROI by dwelling more on customer value.
  6. It will help you at the time of risks that are caused during the early product life-cycle stages.
  7. It will guide you on how to discover the requirements of customers.
  8. It will help you while taking major decisions and building up teams effecting operations.
  9. It will assist you in discovering systems changes or functional process changes that is encountered on large initiatives.

So get ready and join MISP training for the Agile exam preparation to get hold of Agile fundamentals as this certification program is tailored in such a way that it suits practically everyone who is implicated in organizational operations of some kind be it marketing or just product management. The methodologies offered in this program is increasingly becoming essential in the IT field due to the vital knowledge conveyed and the imperative skills taught. So join the Agile Expert Certification Online now and make a way up to your successful career ladder while working in the concerned successful completion of project goals and other process resources without any delays. This will make you feel almost like you are on a quick successful profession after you hold Agile certification.


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