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BND9-DXB -Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications in Qatar



Right from the advent of Six Sigma in 1986 by Motorola, it has become an essential part of all quality standards of business processes. It has had such a huge impact on the business process that the job requirements ask specifically for a Six Sigma certification as a compulsory extra qualification.This being the case, most of the job seekers in managerial cadre, in manufacturing sectors and in project management consultancies have made it a point to get the Six Sigma Green Belt certification. In fact, at MISP, there are a lot of employees working in manufacturing sectors who have opted for a Six Sigma Green Belt course at our institute.

Getting a Six Sigma Green Belt certification would mean an exponential increase in knowledge, potential earnings and growth. The contents of the Six Sigma Green Belt course would include business process management, and selecting six sigma projects.The course structure at MISP is the best available in Dubai with the course being divided into separate phases. The order of the phases is as follows:

1. Define.
2. Measure.
3. Analyse.
4. Improve.
5. Control.

Apart from these, there are a lot of “Lean” concepts of management that are taught in the Six Sigma Green Belt course. The Lean tools comprise the theory of constraints, Lean thinking, continuous flow manufacturing, non-value added activities, and life cycle reduction. Eligibility for Six Sigma Green Belt is a secondary degree with 5 years of work experience or a bachelor’s degree with 3-year work experience.



1. MISP has been reviewed and approved as a registered education provider of project management by the Project Management Institute, PMI , USA, CPD UK, EXIN, SCRUM and other accrediting bodies.

2. MISP is approved by the UAE Ministry of Education Accredited Center

3. MISP training institute is considered to be globally recognized and certified.

4. It has the most excellent and knowledgeable instructors who help you achieve a high success rate.

5. Individuals who get trained with MISP have a chance to become global leaders. Every month we have 3 batches in UAE.



Every Individual must satisfy at least one of these requirements:

  1. A secondary degree i.e. high school diploma, associate’s degree, or the global equivalent with five years of experience.


  1.  A bachelor’s degree or its global equivalent and also three years of experience.

For more details, feel free to call our MISP consultants.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits


    • Joining our course establishes your proficiency in Project Management, leadership and senior management job role\


    • Six Sigma Certified professionals with project management experience in MISP earn upto 40% more salary than others.


  • Practices in quality management and project management increase the success rate of your projects.
  • Integrated classroom and online courses


  • Better career and academic prospects


  • Higher earning potential and growth potential


  • Comprehensive course structure with advanced syllabus


  • Assisted training for slow learners


  • Applied learning methods with case studies and applicative tests


  • Regional and global overview of study material


  • Highly qualified, dedicated faculty
  • The Six Sigma certification course is approved from UK and Project management from PMI.
  • All students are taught Professional development units (PDUs from PMI).



Exam Content and details

Features and Benefits

After each classroom training session, each candidate must necessarily pass a written examination. The examination consists of multiple-choice questions. The Six Sigma Green Belt examination is a one hour, and 30-question  exam which is and  presented in English language only.

Program Details

Program Details

Module 1: Overview of Six Sigma

1. Overview of Six Sigma

2. Agents of Change

3. Six Sigma Implementation Process

4. PDCA- Plan Do Check Act

5. Organizational Goals and Objectives

Module 2: Business Process Management

1. Business Process Management

2. Voice of the Customer

3. Focus Groups and Critical-To-Quality Tree

4. Tools for Statistical Analysis

5. Business Results

Module 3: Project Management and Selecting Six Sigma Projects

1. Project Management and Selecting Six Sigma Projects

2. Planning Tools

3. Tree Diagram

4.  Six Sigma Team Leadership

5. Team Dynamics and Performance

6. Team Effectiveness Tools

7. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Techniques

8. Management and Planning Tools

9. Prioritization Matrix

Module 4: The Define Phase

1. The Define Phase

2. Goals and Metrics

Module 5: The Measure Phase

1. The Measure Phase

2. SIPOC, Cause and Effect Diagrams and Check Sheets

3. Statistics, Probability, Collecting and Summarizing Data

4. Methods for Collecting Data (application)

5. Graphical Methods, Histograms and Scatter Diagrams

6. Probability Distributions Commonly Used by Six Sigma Black Belts

7. Measurement Systems

8. Process Capability Analysis

9. Process Performance Indices

10. Estimating Process Yield through RTY and Sigma Level

Module 6: The Analyze Phase

1. The Analyze Phase

2. Evaluating the Regression Equation

3. Using the Multiple Regression Equation

4. Contingency Tables

Module 7 : The Improve Phase1. The Improve Phase

2. Principles of Design of Experiments

3. Mixture Experiments

Module 8: The Control Phase

1. The Control Phase

2. Selection and Application of Control Charts

3. PRE – Control

4. Understand Appropriate Uses of Moving Averages Charts

Module 9: Lean Concepts

1. Lean Concepts

2. Theory of Constraints

3. Lean Thinking

4. Continuous Flow Manufacturing

5. Non-Val Added Activities

6. Cycle-Time Reduction

7. Lean Tools

8. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Module 10 : Design for Six Sigma

1. Design for Six Sigma

2. Noise Strategies

3. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

4. Special Design Tools




  • Friday batch for 2 days
  • Saturday batch for 2 days(Call us for more details)




MISP courses are accredited and endorsed globally by several international bodies like PMI USA, CPD UK, EXIN, SCRUM and other accrediting bodies.

Venue details

Venue details

Misp training and consultancy, office 605, Al reefa plaza, Al fahidi metro station,
behind Al fahidi bus stop, Bur dubai, Dubai
Call Us : 04-3863364, 055-5058990, 055-5058900


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