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Six Sigma Yellow Belt is part of the Six sigma implementation tools certification for quality management. As an exercise to maintain professionality in quality management, the Six sigma came into being and from then on, there has been a massive turnaround in the approaches towards quality management.A Six Sigma Yellow Belt course would be best for any middle management or lower management employee in either manufacturing or any other business process. It enables one to oversee projects handled by organizations, facilitate process management, and handle the quality management process successfully.

At MISP, the Six Sigma Yellow Belt course is a thorough foundation for the participant to understand the basics of a Six sigma implementation tools, and generally provide the participant with a wide knowledge of the Six Sigma Yellow Belt thinking pattern. MISP faculty for Six Sigma Yellow Belt course would enlighten the participants on the analytical skills required to enforce the Six sigma standards. An indepth knowledge is also provided regarding the nuances of a project and its quality management with various tools like histograms, scatter diagrams, charts, and matrices.At the end of the Six Sigma Yellow Belt course at the MISP, a participant would be have received knowledge on the sigma standards and its implementation. MISP also holds a test at the end of the course.




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Structure and activities

Structure and activities

In order to successfully complete this course, candidates will be introduced to and tested upon these subjects:


•Six Sigma methodology

•Six Sigma application

•Role of Belts

•Basic Tools for Six Sigma & application


•Introduction to Six Sigma

•Six Sigma Glossary of Terms

•Basic Statistics

•DMAIC methodology

•Problem & Goal Statements

•Common Tools

– Cause and Effect Diagram

– Pareto Chart

– Control Chart

•Identifying and defining Six Sigma Projects


•Check sheets

•Graphical Tools



•Scatter Diagram

•New Seven Tools

– Affinity Diagram

– Tree Diagram

– Interrelationship Diagram

– Prioritization Matrix

– Matrix Diagram

– Activity Network Diagram

– Process decision program chart


Program modules and Outline

Program modules and  Outline

The course curriculum includes the following modules:



History of Six sigma

What is Six Sigma?

What if only 99% good? What is the s level?

Goal of Six Sigma


Six Sigma & Business Results:

Statistical Thinking, Normal Curve, Process Mean

Standard Deviation

Normal Distribution, Mean & SD

Normal Curve & Probability Areas

Variation & Probability Areas

Calculating Z , capability, Total Defect


Value Analysis, Sampling,Belt structure,

DMAIC, Attributes and Variables Measurements

Basic 7 Quality Tools, Problem & Goal Statements

SMART Goals, Cause and effect

Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Rationale & Benefits

Flow Chart




Creativity Out of Box Thinking

5 Why Analysis Histogram

Histogram construction

Scatter Diagram

Nature of Two Variables

Dispersion type C & E Diagram

Pareto Chart



Causes for Surface Defects

Pareto on Customer Response

Common Causes, Special Causes

X – R Chart X and R Chart Terms

Six Sigma Project Charter

Stratification Divide and Conquer


Run Chart

Non-conformance Reduction

In-house Non-conformance

Check Sheet

Seven New Management And Planning Tools



Tree Diagram

Prioritization MaTRIX

Matrix Diagram

L- Shape Matrix

Y -Shape Matrix

X-Shape Matrix

POPC Chart

Activity Network Diagram


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Venue details

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Six Sigma Certification Courses in Dubai to Work with Quality


Six Sigma programs use a band of quality management methods. The main aim of the Six Sigma team members is to work with these methods in such a way that results in lowering the cost of production and raising the company profits. These methods include statistics i.e. being a yellow belt certified – you do not lead Six Sigma projects rather you have to work with the accumulation, analysis, interpretation and demonstration of data. You will be able to carry out all the tasks accurately if you have gone successfully through various levels of Six Sigma Certification Courses in Dubai.

Who can attain the Certification Courses?

This course can be obtained by those members of the team who wants to become the core team member or subject matter expert (SME) that are less likely involved with the team and who aren’t working on a leadership position. The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Dubai that is offered by MISP training and Consultancy will make you well qualified to work with six sigma projects with the experiences in the exploration of the process.

Benefits of Six Sigma Dubai courses in day-to-day workplace activities:

Six Sigma yllow belt courses alleviate the effectiveness of your supporting role in Six Sigma programs. All the modules made available to the candidates’ covers the fundamental improvement procedures and their essential metrics. You will be completely guided to isolate the parts of the process that requires improvement using the process management techniques and the basic tools of Six Sigma. SSYB courses offer a stronger understanding of processes that result in lesser number of cycle time and ultimate improvement in the quality.  The courses offered by MISP, helps the delegates to understand the day-to-day activities that needs to be carried out in order to accomplish the organization’s goals by identifying, monitoring and controlling assigned processes in a timely manner.

So if you are looking to take part in problem solving exercises while having a total commitment for Six Sigma Culture and get the complete understanding of its significance that maximizes your cost savings and using Statistical Process Control then enroll now for the six sigma Abu Dhabi courses. Please visit at to avail the courses that help you in becoming a valuable player within the company and for achieving the organization’s overall goals and objectives.

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