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MISP has one of the best courses for Supply Chain Management that is accredited and certified by the Project Management Institute, UK and The Institute for Supply Chain Management, UK. Anyone with a high school diploma, or secondary degree with a 5-year work experience and a bachelor’s degree with a 3-year work experience may opt for this course.

The scope of this course offered by MISP is so vast that one can easily get a job in an MNC after successful completion. Supply Chain Management course and its certification enables the participant to understand and execute the systematic and strategic coordination between businesses.The entire gamut of the supply chain participants like the distributors, wholesaler, and the retailer and their dynamic interaction is studied and analysed in a Supply Chain Management course. This is done using the inflow of information and the logistics for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. The Supply Chain Management course at MISP starts with the topic of production systems and continues to quality management, the stages of supply chain management and finally to tracking and monitoring.

MISP Training and Consultancy has two courses for your in Supply chain management

  • Supply Chain Management Certified Professional
  • Diploma in Supply Chain management


Why MISP: Reasons to choose MISP

Why MISP: Reasons to choose MISP

Sure, lots of learning centers offer this skill, but MISP is a class apart, a step ahead and more importantly, the chosen destination for skill acquisition through online and classroom classes.

Here’s why:

  • Our academic partner – Institute of Supply Chain Management, UK
  • We have been approved as a registered provider of SCM by ISCM, UK
  • UAE authority of education accreditation
  • Our courses and programs are globally recognized and accepted
  • We offer classroom courses and online courses alike
  • We boast of experienced and quality instructors who are responsible for our high success rate
  • We hold sessions from noted speakers regularly
  • Courses are periodically updated according to the changing trends in the industry
  • We receive excellent reviews and testimonials which help us keep the good work going



Looking to sign up for a course in Supply chain management? Check if you’re eligible using the terms below:

  • A high school diploma/ secondary degree or equivalent + 5 years of experience


  • A bachelor’s degree / professional degree or equivalent + 3 years of experience

Call us or write to us for further details

Features and Benufits

Features and Benefits

Integrated classroom and online courses

  • Course certified by Institute of Supply chain management, UK
  • Better career and academic prospects
  • Higher earning potential and growth potential
  • Comprehensive course structure with advanced syllabus
  • Assisted training for slow learners
  • Applyed learning methods with case studies and applicative tests
  • Regional and global overview of study material
  • Highly qualified, dedicated faculty
  • Highly-rated reviews from alumni

Program Outline

Program Outline

While enrolled for the Diploma in Supply chain management program with MISP, you will learn in detail, the following modules:


  • Production Systems
  • Forecasting
  • Inventory  & Warehouse Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • The need to study Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Satisfaction,
  • Improving Performance, Lowering Costs, Product Development
  • Case Studies
  • Product procurement
  • Cost management
  • Logistics Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory, Order Generation
  • Order generation, order fulfillment , returns management
  • Three Levels of Supply Chain Management
  • Five Stages of Supply Chain Management
  • The Flows of Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping & Freight Forwarding
  • Distribution Systems
  • Purchase/Procurement Management
  • Letters of Credit/ LC UCP600
  • Supply Chain Groups
  • The Customer’s Customers
  • Tracking and Monitoring
  • The Supply Chain Network strengths and weaknesses/ risks
  • Supply chain strategies; strategic facilities supply chain network
  • Factors which influence the supply chain
  • The ability of the supply chain to provide a competitive advantage; Strategic supplier partnership; Customer relationship; effective operational management
  • Supply chain pipeline;the product / material flow
  • Supply Chain Integration and Harmonisation,
  • Supply chain planning; operational objectives; Supply Chain Improvement Models; agile supply chains
  • How inventory management can contribute to competitive advantage
  • Techniques to plan the inventory requirements of own organisation
  • Forecasting Models;Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Inventory control models; Economic Order Quantity; Average Deviation; Fixed Order Quantity; Safety Stock;
  • Measuring inventory control system performance; Inventory Quality Ratio; Workload monitoring
  • Inventory strategy; Just in Time deliveries
  • Outsourced warehouse operations: 3PL 4PL
  • Warehouse policies and procedures
  • Warehouse Activitiesin relation to a warehouse layout
  • Areas recommended to include;
  • Goods Receiving;
  • Storage;
  • Goods Despatch;
  • Stock Control;
  • Housekeeping.
  • Warehouse layout material flows; U-Shaped; Straight Through Flow; Modular-Spine Design; Inverted T warehouse layout
  • Warehouse layout resource requirements/ planning
  • Warehouse Management System; Materials Requirement Planning; Manufacturing Resource Planning; barcode technology
  • Financial systems within a warehouse; Budgeting; Budget analysis; Finance in the Warehouse; Warehouse Costs; Balance Score Card;Return on
  • Capital Employed
  • Business management
    • Strategic development
    • Managing business relationships
    • Human resource management
    • Financial management
    • Business legislation
    • Marketing strategies
    • Leadership and management principles
    • Decision making
    • Risk managment process
    • Managing and implementing change
    • Manage projects



  • Friday Batch: 2 PM – 10 PM [4 Fridays]
  • Saturday Batch: 10 AM – 6 PM [4 Saturdays]
  • Evening Batch: 7 PM – 10 PM [ 4 months for Evening Classes]



  • MISP Training is a REP of PMI and has been approved to issue 35 (PDUs) Professional Development Units for PMI-RMP Certification
  • We have been recognized and certified by The Project Management Institute, UK and The Institute of Supply Chain Management, UK
  • Government of education UAE – Approved
  • Please talk to our experts for further details.

For more information on other accreditations, please consult MISP consultants.

Venue details

Venue details

Misp training and consultancy,

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All about Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management Training

One does not need an introduction to appreciate the significance of logistics and allied sectors. The achievement of sales contact through various logistics services is more than sufficient to create its value accepted. For a buyer added than the take on made to him what substance are that the supplies are transported at the correct place on right time? The timely transport and uninterrupted process is sufficient to explain the potential and importance of the seller.

For taking such quality service it is extremely essential to know the industry standard and requirements by experience a professional Logistics management Doha Qatar. Though there are a lot many choices available online in this exacting field however, to do the correct type of course from a reputed college is obligatory. Among all, training in logistic management provides you the information and skills required to appreciate the role and condition of this company.

If you are devoted to follow a Career in Supply Chain Management or logistics for that substance then you can attempt your hands either in post graduate course in this meadow in specific area or can still perform a general course for logistics. You may still try and connect a carrying company and then appear for decision-making courses for specific areas that attention you the most. Joining a Supply Chain Management Training is not that easier said than done but, what and where you connect matters a lot.

If we take an in profundity appear at the career prospects in this extremely field, the number of occasions is immense. In fact, one can write their have possession of fortune being in this field. Starting from the foundation of customer contentment to operating and organization the complete process, this field has a broad range of vocation prospects.

Given below are a small number of basic functions that you may follow after having your Supply Chain Management training:

  • Manufacturing
    • Retailing
    • Logistics service suppliers
    • Operational management

An efficient logistics and supply chain service can transport in a company as well as to the troubled managerial to large level of success. A qualified course for Supply Chain Management training Doha Qatar or logistics creates it all the more easy and expedient for the worried person to perform their accountability proficiently. Thus, it is really necessary to pursue an appropriate courses may a post graduate or MBA in logistic management can do speculate to your career in this manufacturing.

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