Ahmed Khalil, ITIL Foundation V3 , Emal

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1. How do you feel your experience here at MISP?
Excellent. The instructor was very good. Services had been very good and very accommodating.

2. How was MISP helped make more qualified for the job market?
I wanted to move into a different role and I believe this is more helpful in preparing for my planned move for the future.

3. In a single sentence how will you rate our service, quality, deliveries, commitments, student satisfaction, course contents and others.
The quality of service is excellent and the people have been fantastic.

4. What do you like best about MISP?
I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and quality of the trainer.

5. Your message to the participants and your friends who want to get the training.
Definitely do your training at MISP.

Ahmed Khalil, ITIL Foundation V3 , Emal

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