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1, How do you feel about your experience here at MISP?

It was a great experience, the classes was amazing, the people in office are friendly and test was good.

2, How MISP helped you in making yourself more qualified for the job market?

It provides a wide variety of courses that really fall in a huge demand by the employers.

3, How will you rate our service, quality, deliveries, commitments, student’s satisfaction, course contents and others?

The service quality is excellent, high commitment from officers & teachers, I am very happy and satisfied.

4, What do you like best in MISP?

The speed of service, the well designed classroom.

5, What is your message to the participants and your friends who wants to take the training/s?

I recommend this training institute to all my friends in fact I already submitted a list of referrals of 10 friends.



Ansam Elfadil Etisalat

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