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 1.        When did you decide to attend the training?

1 month till my friend advice for it

2.        What benefits in terms of cost and resources utilization or savings did you achieve with the online training?

Really the online course it save my time a lot as I am working shifts patterns so I can’t attend any classes.

3.        How many hours of preparation did you put to complete the course?

The time cannot be calculated as am accessing the course more than 8 hours a day as am working 12 hours  per day .

4.        How was your experience with MISP right from the beginning until completing the online training?

The assistance from MISP staff was really great and special thanks for YNA what she was always supporting and helping me with my quires and Q.

5.        How did MISP help you in achieving your goals?

The online course it really wonderful as it suits my busy life .

6.         Your advice for other participants planning to join online courses, MISP?

Go for it never lose the chance.


Ebtisam Al-busaidi , Budget and Financial Reports

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