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1.How do you feel about your experience here at MISP?

It was a great experience for me at MISP, because as I have learned a lot of techniques on how to handle the IELTS which contributed a lot to achieve my target result.

2.How MISP helped you in making yourself more qualified for the job market?

I learned a lot of ways to improve my English skills which in return boosted my confident level,

3.How will you rate our service, quality, deliveries, commitments, student’s satisfaction, course contents and others?

I highly recommend it to first time takers of IELTS the course imbibes knowledge through a well organized curriculum.

4.What do you like best in MISP?

The flexibility of time schedule as they offer night and daytime course.

5.What is your message to the participants and your friends who wants to take the training/s?

I highly urge them to participate to course and participate to the activities and continuously learn even outside the class for a better and more satisfying result.

Ken V. Diaz IELTS

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