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1.When did you start preparing for CAPM Certification?

I started preparing for my CAPM exam from May 2016.

2.How many hours of preparation did you put in on a daily basis?

 Minimum of 2 hours to max of 4 hours of study time. 

3.Which were your main focus areas for the preparation?

 I focused on the areas where computations are required and the PM processes involved. 

4.How did MISP help you in achieving your certification goals?

MISP increased my motivation to study and be prepared considering the tight schedule between my review classes and the exam date

5.How many tests did you take from MISP Online mock tests?

 Very few only because i was focused reading the materials and due to tight schedule between my review classes and the exam date, I wasn’t able to do more of the mock tests. 

6.What do you believe – experience, knowledge or both with the right credential/s?

 Both. I always believe that knowledge will only be effective if will be implemented  on proper grounds of practice to gain real world experiences.  

7.Your advice for participants, MISP ?

For MISP participants, start with setting up your goals and objectives. Then put serious actions with those goals and objectives to obtain real results. 

May Lynn G. Sy Tamco PMI-CAPM®

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