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1. When did you decide to attend the training?
At the beginning of April 2013 (exam was planned to be on May 9th 2013)
2. Which were your main focus areas for the preparation?
Focus in the training class
Relate to practical experience
Review what was given in the class
Practice, practice and practice (through exam simulation questions)
3. How many hours of preparation did you put to complete the course?
Between 1.5 to 2 hours and before one week of the exam date increased it to 3 to 4 hours
4. How did MISP help you in achieving your certification goals?
Good training
Practice simulation
5. How many tests did you take from MISP Online mock tests?
Non, depended on the simulation software and other sources
6. What do you believe – experience, knowledge or both with the right credentials?
Of course both, if anyone is missing it will not work
7. Your advice for participants , MISP ?
You have to have good amount of practical experience
Focus in the class and practice, practice and practice. (No need to go through books or anything.)

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