Mr. Leandro Ordonez, Human Resource Management.

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1. When did you decide to attend the training? . 
I decided to attend training due to I am already at 7 years in this field but I lack the formal education on it.  I came to know MISP thru This was late April 2013.

2.What benefits in terms of cost and resources utilization or savings did you achieve with the online training? 
Cost for the taking the course is reasonable. Resources needed were only the basic once we have which is a laptop and internet. The time is the most important benefit I got in taking the course online.  With my current work load, it would be highly impossible for me to physically attend a formal course.

3. How many hours of preparation did you put to complete the course?
After work, I go home to have a dinner and refresh myself. Afterwhich I allot atleast 2 hours to study online. Due to work load I have, I usually stay late in the office to do overtime and so I go home exhausted and incapable for further stay awake for study. I am glad that despite work load and very tight schedule I’ve completed and passed the course successfully within 3 months.

4.   How was your experience with MISP right from the beginning until completing the online training?
The course is complete enough to outlined and discussed the important key elements of the course and concise enough for the learner/trainee to stay focused on the subject and not to be bored. The way the course was presented and dissected into Modules were so desirably understandable. The learner can go on phasing per Module and can review back the previous Module without mixing up but rather accumulating the knowledge and importance of each and every modules.

5.    How did MISP help you in achieving your goals?
MISP helped and paved a way for me to achieve my goal to have a formal education with HRM.    MISP online training closed that gap for professionals like me to further educate and enhance themselves into becoming more productive individuals.
6.    Your advice for other participants planning to join online courses, MISP? 
Education is a continuing process.  Your current work, position should not stop you from becoming more competitive and productive individual. From the many course offered by MISP, choose one, study, complete it and you’ll know by yourself it is worth-it.

Mr. Leandro Ordonez, Human Resource Management.

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