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“Thank you for your continued support, I am glad to have taken this online course with MISP due to its straightforward and easy approach”
1. When did you decide to attend the training?
November 2012
2. What benefits in terms of cost and resources utilization or savings did you achieve with the online training?
I believe that the flexibility of access is the most beneficial feature of following an online course, especially if you have a full schedule
3. How many hours of preparation did you put to complete the course?
Around 150 hours.
4. How was your experience with MISP right from the beginning until completing the online training?
A smooth and collaborative experience
5. How did MISP help you in achieving your goals?
In facilitating a simplified approach that allowed to kick start a structured learning of the subject
6. Your advice for other participants planning to join online courses, MISP?
Plan ahead with your work schedule in mind in order to achieve the most

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