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1. When did you decide to attend the training? .
Last year.
2. Which were your main focus areas for the preparation?
Answering questions- understand why the answer is right and why it is wrong.
3. How many hours of preparation did you put to complete the course?
2 hrs every day for the last 4 months.
4. How did MISP help you in achieving your certification goals?
MISP has bank of questions.
5. How many tests did you take from MISP Online mock tests?
8 times.
6. What do you believe – experience, knowledge or both with the right credential/s?
Knowledge, Personality( confident) and Managing the test time.
7. Your advice for other participants planning to join online courses, MISP?
Insist to pass I am not smarter than you but I Insist to pass. 2hrs every day is a must.

Mr. Salah M A QaroutTitle CERTIFICATION

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