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1.When did you start preparing for PMP Certification?

I started preparation in Feb 2015 for Exam in Oct 2015

2.How many hours of preparation did you put in on a daily basis?

Initially I used to put about 2 hours a day. In the last 3 months was spending about 8-10 hours which were used only for mock tests.

3.Which were your main focus areas for the preparation?

Risk and Quality as this is everyone’s weak area and questions would always revolve around these topics.

4.How did MISP help you in achieving your certification goals?

Yes Definitely. First their instructors were too good and explained everything in details and in reference to the PMP exam. Even the course material and mock exams helped a lot during preparation to identify my weak areas so I can give more focus to those topics

5.How many tests did you take from MISP Online PMP mock tests?

More than 50 tests.

6.What do you believe – experience, knowledge or both with the right credential/s?

Experience is more important as until you are actually doing project management you would not be in better position to correlate questions to real life scenario’s and answer in exams.

7.Your advice for PMP participants, MISP ?

Go through all the materials and online questions. First few weeks focus to identify weak areas using mock exams. You should not be demotivated if you are not scoring high initially in mock tests. Once you know the weak areas focus to strengthen those. Spend last 2 months of preparation only for mock tests.

Nitin Kumar Singla -Project Manager

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