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1. When did you start preparing for PMP Certification?

I started preparing for my PMP certification in October 2016.

2. How many hours of preparation did you put in on a daily basis?

I set aside 2.5 hours per day for preparing for the exam. I increased it to 3.5 hours per day in the last week leading to the exam. 

3. Which were your main focus areas for the preparation?

Upon reading and understanding the concepts in PMBOK guide and Rita’s book once, I identified the areas of my weakness and focused on them. 

4. How did MISP help you in achieving your certification goals?

MISP course helped by orienting me to the course content and plan a structured way for preparing for the exam. 

5. How many tests did you take from MISP Online PMP mock tests?

I took 2 MISP online mock tests.

6. What do you believe – experience, knowledge or both with the right credential/s?

I believe that both experience and knowledge with the right credentials are important. While I have about 9 years experience working on projects, PMP has helped me build a stronger knowledge base, enhanced my project management skills, provided exposure to the global project management standards and practices.

7. Your advice for PMP participants, MISP ? –

My advice to PMP participants would be to focus on understanding the concepts rather than memorizing them. It can be overwhelming at first, but make sure to read the PMBOK and Rita’s book completely atleast twice. The second time around would be to focus on your areas of weakness. No matter how experienced you are in the field of project management field, you are required to prepare thoroughly and be familiar with the terminologies and methodologies as you may not have come across them or used them before. Plan your exam date well in advance and set aside time to regularly study to avoid cramming a few days before the exam. You would want to only review your weak areas and take up about 2 mock tests in the last 2 days before your exam. It is not uncommon to go completely blank on the day of the exam. All the work that you put in the preparation would automatically start flowing once you are in the exam hall. So relax and be confident.  


Smitha Kamath PMP

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